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Volunteer with us!

Why Volunteer with us?

Our visionaries, staff, and fellow volunteers make it a friendly, engaging experience for the guests and everyone on site, which can only be accomplished in our small oasis in the heart of the Red Clay Valley. We also have multiple opportunities for students eager for volunteer hours or internships.

What can I do as a volunteer?

Greenbank Mills is constantly looking for volunteers to accomplish many tasks around our site. Whether its the maintenance of our historic structures and livestock, public relations, administrative duties, programming, and museum advancement. Everyone has a place here where they can pursue their passion and talents while helping our organization

Keep Living History Alive!

For over 30 years, our volunteers have been our biggest fans and supporters. On top of our engaging experiences and opportunities, volunteers get unique perks, exclusive content, and private events to provide our volunteers with a safe, fun place to gather and appreciate their hard work.

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Volunteer Opportunities


Our volunteers have the opportunity to assist our staff and board members with administrative duties, reception, data entry, and much more. 


Greenbank is always looking for people to keep our site clean and pretty! With multiple flower & vegetable gardens, acres of land, and dozens of projects, our volunteers are always busy keeping our beautiful location in excellent condition!


Our historic site cares for our flock of Leicester Longwool & Merino Sheep, some of the first sheep breeds in the new world back in the 18th & 19th Centuries. Our Livestock Program partners with Winterthur, Colonial Williamsburg, and many more organizations to take the best care of these animals. This offers our staff and volunteers with some rare and excellent opportunities, and you can be a part of them!


Greenbank Mill Historic District is made up of multiple historic structures, some older than our country itself! On top of maintaining these 200+-Year-old buildings, our museum has a vast collection of milling and farming equipment in various conditions. Our volunteers spend countless hours maintaining and restoring historic buildings & artifacts for preservation. 


We're always looking for ways to further create a museum and community space for all to enjoy. Volunteers work with staff and board members to create new programming, and work with multiple communities for volunteer and member outreach.


Our organization is always working to introduce new ways for people to engage with Living History, and we can't do it alone! Our volunteers help with tours, programming and special events in tasks as small as being a parking attendant, or as big as a tour guide or event manager.


We're always introducing new guests to our escape from reality. Volunteers have the opportunity to be the first person they see when they arrive, their tour guide, or gift shop specialist. This opportunity is great for students looking to gain experience in public relations, history, public speaking and so much more.

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