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Philips Holiday Village
Frequently Asked Questions


Is this event Non-Denominational?

While this event is heavily based on a traditional Christmas, we classify this event as non-denominational for its winter-based theme, and everyone is welcome to participate in all activities.

Where do we park? Is it free?

Parking will be available at our spare lot, located at 463 Greenbank Road, Wilmington Delaware, 19808. In the case of our spare lot becoming full, we will ask for visitors to park at the Greenbank Church, located at 511 Greenbank Road. Parking will be free for all! If anyone tries to charge for parking, please notify a staff member as soon as possible.

Is this event ADA accessible?

Most of our grounds or pathways are fairly smooth, although there is no handicap accessible entrances to the Philips Farm House, where the Clauses Photo Opportunities and other activities take place. Our Mill & Madison Factory is fully handicap accessible, which will hold a multitude of activities.

This event takes place at night,  will their be lighting?

We'll make sure to illuminate high traffic walkways, but due to the nature of this event, some areas may be dim. If you are someone who has trouble seeing in dimly lit areas, we suggest to bring a flashlight to this event. 

Right now, our plans are to decorate our Philips Farm house in minimal Christmas lights, and major areas will be decorated as well. There will be NO light shows or displays.


Will there be Walk-Up tickets available?

We would love for everyone to join us! Although we do not expect this event to sell out online, in the case of an online sellout, we will have a handful of walkup tickets available for purchase, and we will monitor capacity throughout the night in case of overcrowding.

What are the ticket levels? What do they include?

There will be 2 online tickets available, an $8 General Admission, and a $10 Combination Ticket, which will include a glass of your favorite beverage and 2 cookies. If walk up tickets are available, they will be $15 per person. For the Clauses photo opportunity, there will be a $5 add-on per group to reserve a time.


What is the Clauses Photo Opportunity Add-On?

This add-on is available for groups who would like to take photos with Santa & Mrs. Claus. The $5 fee is to guarantee you a spot and time with the Clauses, and deter crowding for this activity. Limited timed reservations will be available, and are very likely to sell out.

How much time will we have with them?

Each group is estimated to have 3-5 minutes with the Clauses, including photos. We ask that our guests use their time wisely, to ensure all of our guests with a reservation have adequate time with our visitors from the North Pole!

Can we just take pictures with our phones?

Our professional photographer on hand will be there to help with any photos you would like to take. Although we suggest pictures taken with a professional camera, the $5 reservation time can be used for whatever you'd lilke.

How do I get my pictures? Will you print them out?

Pictures will be sent by digital download, for a fee of $35 for a maximum of 5 photos. All groups will be provided a code for our website, or we can email them to you. Editing pictures and distribution will likely begin within 24-48 hours of the event conclusion. After payment, we will send you a link to your photos at full quality for you to download and print.

While there are no plans

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